Valley of Mr. Zippich

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Valley of Mr. Zippich is the name given to the area around Velké Březno near Ústí nad Labem, where they have brewed Březňák beer for more than 250 years. A portrait of Mr. Zippich, stationmaster of the Velké Březno train station from the beginning of the 19th century, has adorned the local Březňák beer for more than 100 years now. Victor Cibich (Zippich) was not only a cheery face, but a popular figure in local society at the time. The brewery had the stationmaster painted and registered the picture as a trademark in 1906. It is said that Zippich was to receive lifelong royalties of 30 beers a day for this. Visitors to Velké Březno can pay a visit to the brewery or the Empire-style chateau, or even see the museum of folk architecture and rail museum in nearby Zubrnice.