Scope of Activities of the Municipality

The position and scope of activities of the Municipality of Usti nad Labem (MU) is regulated by § 109 nn. of the act on towns and communities, the Statutes of the City of Usti nad Labem – General mandatory ordinance of the Statutory City of Usti nad Labem No. 80/2002, Act No. 314/2002 Coll. Designation of communities with delegated local authority as well as communities with extended scope of activities, including Attachment No. 1 and No. 2 to the Act, Act No. 320/2002 Coll. Ammendment and abrogation of other acts in connection with the termination of district offices' activities as ammended by later regulations and other legal provisions.

MU is a body of the Statutory City of Usti nad Labem, instituted by the act on towns and communities.  The organizational structure and the total number of employees of the Statutory City of Usti nad Labem included in MU is approved by the City Council (§ 102 par. 2j of the act on towns and communities) which determines the powers of the municipality (§ 102 par. 2f, first sentence of the act on towns and communities).

MU's responsibilities include:

MU fulfills tasks

a) in the field of its independent scope of activities delegated by the City Assembly of Usti nad Labem (hereinafter ”CA”) or by the City Council (”CC”) as well as other tasks stipulated by the act on towns and communities and other legistative provisions,

b) performs the delegated scope of activities in affairs stipulated by special regulations which is the legal responsibility of the delegated local authorities and of the local authorities of the communities with extended scope of activities.