City Baths

The city baths were opened as early as in June 1908, namely in the newly erected building attracting the visitors with a lavishly conceived swimming pool below a high arch ceiling embellished with rosettes and arcades. On top of that, the complex included a steam bath, a bath tub section, shower cubicles, a carbonate bath and a marsh cab. Opening hours were of course evenly split for gents and ladies. In 1912, when an artesian well was drilled to a depth of 357,3 meters, the Bath gained its own source of slightly mineralized, 31,71 °C warm, thermal water with a capacity of 10 litres per second. Even nowadays does the newly refurbished structure built in ancient neo-Roman style, coated with a facade of brick-red walls combined with parquet decorative elements, with different types of windows on the respective floors, and with the circular tower, serve - in a limited extent - its original purpose. In summer months, the swimming pool and sauna are closed.

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