Ústí nad Labem

Stone Holy Rood with Mary Magdalene

Located opposite the old market at the end of the presbytery of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary between two buttresses. Between 1721-1874, it used to stand on the hill of the bridge arch across the River Bílina (today’s rebuilt bridge leading to the roundabout below Větruše)  together with St. John the Baptist, Saint Barbara, Saint Anne and Saint  John of Nepomuk. The Rood shows a bare-headed St. Mary Magdalene  kneeling at the feet of the Crucified .

Statue of Saint Anthony of Padua

The Baroque sculpture of the Saint stands on Mírové Square in the city centre. In 1708, Tobias Franz Kuhn, a wax-chandler, had it erected at the  lower end of the square, however, it had to give way to modern development (in 1970,  the Interhotel Bohemia Hotel was built) and the sculpture  with its column was deposited in Trmice. Once it had been restored and the missing parts replaced by copies, the column was erected again in a different place on the square in 1996.

St. Paul’s Church (Red Church)

Neo-Romantic church built by Usti Protestants, consecrated in 1906. The construction is remarkable with the decorative brick facade, the utilization of concrete prefabricated elements in the nave vault and an unified interior equipment. Only one of the three original bells, the biggest one with a portrait of Martin Luther, remained in place until today.

St. Jacob’s Church

The St. Jacob’s Church in Svádov was built in the 14th century (see the latest discovery of the Vartenberks’ gravestone from 1370), but has attributes of the Saxonin Renaissance architecture (1580-1610). The church belongs to the most valuable landmarks in the region. The Baroque parish house and with the Three Magi column were built by the order of Ann Francisca of Tuscany.

St. Florian´s Church

The church in Krásné Březno was used as the chapel of the adjacent chateau. It was built between 1597-1603, by Hans Bog of Pirna. After repairs  in 1897, it became the parish church of Krásné Březno. This beautiful building from the Saxon Renaissance displays Late Gothic tracery, reticular rib vault and portals with a diamond cut. The main altar dates back to 1605.

Church of Saint Simon and Jude

It stands in the upper part of Mojžíř. The first written record of the church (originally Gothic) and the presbytery dates back to 1352, however,  there is a note referring to the church and  presbytery standing there a long time before this. From the 15th century, it fell into decay and was  not  rebuilt until 1593-98 by the Family of Býnov as a Lutheran church. In 1846, it was rebuilt and in 1877, it was restored. Outside the church there is an early Baroque statue of Saint Donatus from 1640. Presbytery No. 33 at the church was built in the mid-18th century as a Baroque rectangular  structure with a mansard roof. The Baroque Saint Florian Statue is situated near the church outside house No. 58 .

Church of Saint Wenceslas

It overlooks the centre of Skorotice from on a hill. The Baroque structure from 1748-55 was built on the site of a pre-Hussite period church. One of its windows is decorated with a picture of the Ústí nad Labem Madonna. The structure started sliding in 1914 and it was stabilised in 1916. The ground beneath the church has not been surveyed because of  its insecure structure. Soldiers from the Napoleonic battle in 1813 are said to be buried there. Opposite the church, there is a presbytery rebuilt in the baroque style, where the local chaplain, Liebisch, was shot dead by soldiers looting the building during the Seven Year’s War.

St. Nicolas´Church

The church in Všebořice was mentioned as early as in 1352. It was rebuilt in the early baroque style in 1694, with its prismatic tower being incorporated into the frontage between 1698 and 1702. In 1858, it underwent total reconstruction. Not far from the church, in Pod Vodojemem  Street, the baroque sculpture of Saint Prokopius from the 18th century is located in  the garden corner of house No. 37. Two houses stand opposite the fire  brigade building in Masarykova Street – the baroque column of the Crucifixion from 1676 and the stone crucifix from the first half of the 19th century, which are the last sights commemorating the history of Všebořice.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The church was built around 1318. During the Hussite wars the tower and the triple nave were destroyed. A renovation began after the year 1452.  In the 80s of the 19th century the church was reconstructed in Late-Gothic style. The bomb raids in April 1945 caused serious damage to the foundations of the tower so that it is now tilted from the true vertical axis by almost 2 meters. The dominant of the church is the altar with a glass foot, a piece of modern 20th century art.


Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Církvice

A church on the River Elbe bank in Církvice was referred to already in 1357. The current structure’s baroque appearance dates to 1701. The church complex also comprises a prismatic tower belfry with half-timbered masonry, the statue of St. John of Nepomuk and the baroque presbytery from the late 18th century with a mansard roof.

St. Adalbert’s Church

A Baroque church with a Dominican cloister built in 1715-1730 by Octavio Broggion, an important North Bohemian architect, in the place of a building of the same name from 1070.  In 1972 the second biggest organ in the Czech Republic was installed in the church.

Church of Holy Trinity

It overlooks Žukovova Street  in the upper part of Střekov. The new baroque rectangular structure was built in 1901-1903. At the top of the hill  above the church there is a one-storey baroque presbytery from the mid-18th century with a saddle roof.

Church of Saint Joseph in Předlice

It stands next to Hrbovická Street in Předlice. The structure was built in 1905-1906. The late baroque presbytery is next to the church. A stone   crucifix from 1780 is located opposite the church entrance. Outside the church, there is a single baroque statue of Saint John of Nepomuk from 1722, which was relocated from its position by the bridge across the Ždírnický brook in Staré Předlice.

Church of Saint Joseph in Vaňov

The church next to Pražská Street in Vaňov was built by Georg Schicht in 1939. In the upper part of Vaňov, a stone crucifix from 1813 was erected to replace the original crucifix from 1760. Vintner Löbl had it erected here to commemorate an accident in which he shot dead his son in the vineyard by mistake.