Větruše gallows - Ústí nad Labem Underground

Let us not be fooled by the somewhat grim name. This new nature trail leads through a restored historic tourist route, which previously belonged to the favorite walking places. On the trail we get so,that from Větruše we will follow the red route through Fibichova street to a medieval gallows, which belongs to the best preserved in the Czech Republic and "served" until the 18th century. Not by chance the hill on which stands the gallows is called the Judgment hill. From there just follow the signs of nature trails and gain links not only to the grim history but also to the dramatic stories of the town of Ústí nad Labem and unique natural conditions of the place (especially the geology and flora). During the descent down you will get acquainted with e.g. exciting tracks after the bombing of the 17th and 19th April 1945, with literally swept off neighborhoods Ostrov and with the cause of the slant of the tower of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Children's adventure park and the Museum of Civil Defense in Ústí nad Labem presents to the visitors under the common name Ústí nad Labem Underground. Few people would expect, that at the foot of the slope below Větruše, close to the busy Žižkova street, is hiding so much excitement and mysterious space. In the former air-raid shelter from 1942 (which was later converted into a bomb shelter) we can look into publicly accessible corridors, explore gas masks from 1920 up to the present or attend some of the events, such as military races. Children's adventure park with its original offer of attractions and games will appreciate both small as well as adult visitors. Geopark, airsoft shooting, gyroscope, trampoline, archery, ropes with the web and straw animals - it is only a selection of what we can try out here. If even that was not enough, adults can visit the tasting wine cellar, hidden in the labyrinth of tunnels 750 m long. The whole area can be very pleasant reward for completing the nature trail.

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