For the Young

Boys and girls, young friends, citizens and visitors of our pages,

Usti nad Labem in not a center of tourism but still it is a city situated in beautiful natural  surroundings of the Elbe Canyon and the Czech Highland.  It is a city with a long history on the crossing of roads, and also a city where anyone of you will find a number of interesting activities. This is what our offer is for.

The city has school facilities for free time activities of children and young people and non-governmental non-profit youth organizations. These number in tens and offer a wide range of interesting activities for you.

Those who like sports can choose a number of them – hockey, football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, water polo, marshal arts, athletics, foot tennis, hockeyball, aerobic as well as less traditional sports like floorball or horse riding.  You can also walk or play water sports in out city.

The offer of cultural and artistic events is also rich. Hobby groups of creative arts are traditionally very popular, especially ceramics in the last years. Musical departments are also very popular – instruments playing, singing, and especially choir singing that has a long history and excellent results in the city. We are a city of dance and there is a number of dancing groups. Other attractive activities include ballet, drama etc.

There are also hobby groups of technical character, e.g. model builders (airplane and railway models), computer and electrotechnical hobby groups and others.  Another field is foreign language courses – mostly courses of English, German and French.

There are also various hobby group for the lover of nature. Young people are interested in fishing, animal keeping, protection of nature.

Besides traditional offers there is a series of interesting activities like Five Ps, ecology clubs, low door step facilities, desktop games club, children's TV studio, Usti Children's Parliament etc.

To have a better idea of the possibilities you can visit the Youth Information Center in Usti nad Labem in Churchill Street 8.