Palace villas

Palace family villa of Heinrich Schicht

H. Schicht had his family villa built in a peaceful place in the River Elbe valley in Vaňov with a romantic view of the surrounding countryside dominated particularly by the medieval Střekov Castle on the opposite side of the valley. The villa is surrounded by a large piece of land, converted into a park to provide enough privacy for the Schicht family. The villa is built in the new Baroque style, at that time already rather old-fashioned. The design was developed by the Ústí nad Labem architect Paul Brockhardt, and building work on the villa was completed in 1931.

Palace Villa of Carl Georg Wolfrum

The palace villa of Carl Georg Wolfrum (Na Schodech Street No. 10) was built by the family of the Usti industrialist Carl Georg Wolfrum in Neo-Renaissance style in early 90s of the 19th century according to the plans of the Vienna design studio of Hans Miksch. Today, it is the seat of the Czech Broadcast regional office.

Neo-Renaissance Palace Villa

The Neo-Renaissance palace villa (Winston Churchill Street No. 3) was built in 1930 for the family of Hans Weinmann. The exterior of the building was inspired by Italian Late Renaissance. The State Scientific Library that has its seat here preserved the original luxurious interior intact.

Luxurious Villa of Ignaz Petschek

The luxurious villa (Churchill Street No. 4) of Ignaz Petschek, a coal merchant, was constructed in 1890. In 1902 a larger and more representative building was added. Nowadays it serves as a ceremony hall and as a seat of the music school.

Palace Villa Franz Petschek

The palace villa of the industrialist Franz Petschek (Churchill Street No. 6) belonged in its time to the most spectacular and most ambitious buildings in the city. The interior from 1926 is quite well preserved.