Přemysl´s Stadice

:: Přemysl´s Stadice

In the Bilina river valley near Trmice an ancient Slavonic village of Stadice can be found.  The legend says that from this village Przemysl the Plowman was summoned to the Czech throne by the Princess Libussa. There are numerous artistic remakes of the legend. The legend is also commemorated with a memorial from 1841. The memorial was built by architect F. Staumann under the Nostics. The plaques with reliefs is the work of the sculptor Josef Max. The memorial stands on the Kralovo pole (King’s Field) which is a protected national monument since 1962.  In the Middle Ages, the dimensions of the King’s Field were a reference standard for a Czech field measure. 
The ancient legend also inspire the re-creation of Przemysl’s manor with a memorial plaque and the Royal Spring. The Přemysl hazel in the village yielded nuts that used to be delivered on the royal table.