Napoleonic Battlefields at Chlumec

:: Napoleonic Battlefields at Chlumec

In 1813, the second heaviest battle of the Napoleonic wars on the Austrian territory raged in the vicinity of Chlumec, Přestanov, Stradov, Žandov and Telnice. August 29 – August 30, 1813: The battles of Přestanov and Chlumec. The battles are commemorated by the following monuments:

1. Russian monument from 1835-1837 in Přestanov and a mass grave of thousands of soldiers of all participating armies

2. Monumental Art Nouveau memorial in Chlumec from 1813 at the foot of the Horka hill.  The ceiling of the memorial hall is painted with a fresco by Karl Krattner.

After these battles a series of local skirmish continued that culminated in another more serious battle of Varvažov in September 16 – September 17, 1813.  The battle is commemorated by two monuments:

1. Monument from 1817 in honor of the Prussian army participating in the battle of Chlumec

2. Memorial with portraits of general Hieronymus Colloredo-Mansfeld, the Austrian army commander, who rebutted the assault of the French army led by Napoleon I. (memorial from 1822)
The defeat of the French allies by Austrian, Prussian and Russian armies quenched the plans of Napoleon to invade the heart of Bohemia and predicted his defeat in the Battle of Nations at Leipzig. 

The educational trail helps in the systematic tour of the battle field.

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