Zubrnice Museum Railway Station

The “Small Rail Museum” was opened on the premises of the train station in Zubrnice in 1996. The central point of the exhibition is now concentrated in the former wood storage area and a replica of a wooden garage for track cars beside the train station building. The museum came into being as something of a replacement for the regular operation of historic trains during season. The Zubrnice Museum Railway is located at a typical rural train station from the end of the 19th century. It is made up of a number of thematic exhibitions – the history of the local V. Březno - Verneřice – Úštěk line (current restoration of the track), a collection of track cars, a display of platform, lighting, and safety equipment, and various rail vehicles. It is possible to book a ride along the tracks in a motor track car. A ride on a velocipedic or lever operated track car is included in the price of admission. It is also possible to see the depository or visit repaired places on the track subject to agreement. There are old photographs to see, documents, different “railway” trinkets, and a model railway - a 1:45 model of Levín station. You can also have a look round a small transport office with period furnishings, which is situated in the station building. One major attraction is a replica of the bell signalling device known as the “Chinaman”.

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