Krásné Březno Chateau

On the site of the present chateau there used to stand a farmhouse with a fort. Until 1867, the name of the village was Březnice, before, it was called Březník. The first written mention of it is in the deed of Prince Spytihněv II dated 1057. Before 1600, he had a Renaissance chateau built  instead of the original fort of Rudolf of Býnov. The builder was Hans Bog of Pirna. On the old wing’s facade, connected to the chateau church of St. Florian by a corridor, there is a sun dial showing the date 1603  and the Latin inscription „Soli deo Gloria“. In 1730, the chateau was rebuilt in the Baroque style by Ludvík Richard Cavriani. In the 19th C., the building was extended with a new wing with a balcony. At the moment, the chateau is owned by the National Heritage Authority in Ústí nad Labem, which is preparing an extensive reconstruction project of the chateau. It is to seat the heritage authority, however, it shall also boast representative rooms that shall be available to the public.