Road Transportation

The city is connected to the international highway E 442 (Liberec, Děčín, Ústí, Dresden) and first class highways (I/8, I/30, I/13).

The city is directly connected to the express highway D8 (Berlin – Prague) that intersects the western border of the city.  Some sections of the express highway are already in operation, the completion of the whole highway on the Czech territory is planned for 2005.

City Mass Transportation
The city has a network of mass transportation that includes bus and trolley bus lines.

Railway Transportation

Usti nad Labem is an important railway node with four railway stations that is intersected by international lines Berlin-Vienna and Berlin-Budapest-Beograd-Sofia (Baltic-Orient).  The backbone international line is the national railway line No. 090 – I. transit railway corridor State frontier Decin – Usti nad Labem – Prague – Breclav – state frontier which is part of the IV. Trans-European Multimodal Corridor. The re-construction on the way and the modernization of the line to meet the parameters of increased line speed will add quality to personal and commercial transportation. On the line section that intersects the city center interregional railway transpor-tation, suburban transportation and the backbone city mass transportation will come together.  The Eurocity (EC) and Intercity (IC) trains connected to the European railway network stop regularly in Usti nad Labem Central Station.

River Transportation

The Elbe River Line is a junction with the West-European river lines opening access to Germany, Benelux countries, northern France and to important sea ports.  The Elbe River Line is a part of the IV. Trans-European Multimodal Corridor.  Freight transportation and pleasure cruises are run on the water line section Pardubice – Chvaletice – Usti nad Labem – Hrensko – Hamburg.

Air Transportation

Currently, an air-port for small sports planes is under construction. The nearest airport for air liners is in Prague (92 km or Dresden, Germany (75 km).