Tourism project

Project bearer:

Statutory City of Ústí nad Labem

Project funded:

Statutory City of Ústí nad Labem, from the SROP fund (EU fund) and the Ústí nad Labem Region

Project shall be implemented:

September 2005 – June 2006


The purpose of the project is to encourage the development of local tourism in Ústí nad Labem and its outskirts, particularly by increasing foreknowledge of tourists on local natural and cultural places of interest, improving local tourist services as well as strengthening the competitiveness of local tourist businesses.

The project, comprising an intensive advertising campaign, shall present the Ústí nad Labem region as an attractive place for tourists. In addition, it shall search for and directly address new potential tourists using tourism mediation businesses such as information centres, travel agents, etc.. A network of entities will be created to serve as a communication, information and educational platform for all local tourism entities. Educational seminars and workshops will be organised and a brochure ”Travel Guidebook to Entrepreneurs” shall be issued. In addition, a marketing study to encourage the development of local tourism as well as a database of local investment opportunities in the tourist business will be developed. To improve the quality of foreknowledge, an interactive web portal will be created that shall specialise in local tourism and provide comprehensive and updated information for tourists. A minimum of 8 tourist products from the Ústí n. L. region will be selected and compiled in detail together with the database of local businesses doing business in the tourist trade. Promotional literature will be created within the project (both in printed and electronic versions), tourism products will be presented at national fairs and repeated advertising of tourism products in both national and foreign periodical titles will be organised. Depending on the character of the created tourist products, national and foreign mediation entities dealing with tourist trade will be addressed. We anticipate working together and coordinating these activities with the CzechTourism agency, particularly its foreign representations in meeting this objective.

The draft project was developed within the Active Policy Programme of the City of Ústí and an application for a grant was filed within the grant scheme Support of tourist trade services development in the Ústí nad Labem region for the public sector (SROP).

Total project cost amounts to CZK 2 500 000, the grant allocated from the Common regional operational programme (SROP) amounts to CZK 1 850 000 (75%), the participation of the City of Ústí nad Labem amounts to CZK 650 000 (25%).