Water reservoirs

Apart from watercourses, the Ústí nad Labem region also has relatively numerous water reservoirs of different origin. Some of them can be used for swimming. In the Ore Mountains, this is the Stříbrný Pond near Krásný Les, a pond below the Rájec hamlet in the Elbe Sandstone Area, Cihlářský Pond in the pond system in Tisá and the famous pond in Ostrov, as well as the system of ponds near Libouchec, the biggest of which is used for recreational purposes. A former mine  is  being flooded these days to create the large Lake Milada and a recreation resort in the Podkrušnohorská Basin. With an area of nearly 250 hectares the lake will compare with Máchovo Lake. A water reservoir in nearby Chabařovice is used as a swimming pool with a weekend cottage settlement. On the border of Chlumec, on the site of a flooded opencast mine there is a water reservoir used for recreation. Another famous resort is Lake Oprám near Varvažov. The biggest pond in the region is Habrovický Pond on the Bílý Brook, which is a natural swimming pool and a weekend cottage settlement. The dam in Povrly represents the most important water reservoir  with a swimming pool beneath its dam.