Rivers and brooks

River Elbe

The River Elbe is the main watercourse in the region. At Porta Bohemica, it breaks through the Bohemian Uplands, where it has formed a valley going as deep as 300-500 m below the original terrain surface. The stream is dammed by sluices beneath the Střekov Castle and along its flow the banks have been technically adapted. In some parts, the banks are similar to the original natural environment these days (the right river bank from Olešnice downstream as far as the left bank in Povrly).

Tributaries of the River Elbe:

Tlučeňský Brook – joins the River Elbe in Sebuzín

Rytina Brook – below Sebuzín

Němčí or Němčický Brook – between Sebuzín and Brná

Průčelský Brook – in Brná

Novoveský Brook – below Střekov

Kojetický Brook – in Olšinky

Budovský Brook – above Svádov it disappears before joining the River Elbe

Bahniště Brook – in Svádov

Olešnický Brook – below Valtířov

Homolský Brook – in Velké Březno

Luční Brook – in Malé Březno. It forms a water junction with the Lužecký Brook on the opposite bank of the River Elbe, so it was called Křížový (Cross) in the past

Dubický Brook – joins the River Elbe above Dolní Zálezly

Moravanský Brook – in Dolní Zálezly

Podlešínský Brook – in Vaňov

River Bílina – in Ústí nad Labem,

Stříbrnický Brook – in Ústí nad Labem

Pekelský Brook – in Krásné Březno

Neštěmický Brook – in Neštěmice

Blanský Brook – in Mojžíř

Kamenný Brook – in Mojžíř

Lužecký Brook – in Povrly

River Bílina

The biggest tributary of the River Elbe, it deepened a valley in the Teplice Uplands in the Ústí nad Labem region and it joins the River Elbe below Větruše in Ústí nad Labem.

Tributaries of the River Bílina in the Ústí n.L. region:

Řehlovický Brook – in Řehlovice

Radejčínský Brook – in Stadice

Újezdský Brook – in Trmice

Ždírnický Brook – below Trmice

Klíšský Brook – in Ústí nad Labem