Elbe Sandstone PLA

Elbe Sandstone PLA is a popular recreation area. The protected landscape area was established in 1972, it covers 300 km2 and neighbours the  FRG border. On the Czech side, the protected area involves Tisá and its surroundings, Libouchec and Petrovice. In terms of natural science, various rock ravines and surroundings of small watercourses are interesting. Most of the vegetation is represented by pine groves, mountain  peaks are covered with pines, colder slopes are mostly covered with European beech. All vegetation, however, is dominated by birch. In terms of botany and fauna, the Ústí nad Labem region is a relatively poor area. Forest vegetation displays, for example, Bracken Fern, Tufted Hairgrass and bilberry and in the Tisá Rocks we can even find rare Chickweed Wintergreen. Beetles are represented by a number of ground beetle and sawyer beetle species, and the rather frequent occurrence of ants (Manica rubida). Amphibians are represented, for example, by the Alpine Newt, reptiles by the Viviparous Lizard. 130 species of birds are known to live here, mammals are represented by 38 species, including occasional straying wanderers such as  chamois and  Northern Lynx. Insectivores are also represented by 6 species, while only two species of bats are recorded, as well as Leporids. Of rodents 15 species have been recorded here. Carnivorous animals are represented by 9 species, including the Wild Cat, whose occurrence is uncertain. Even-toed ungulates are represented by 4 species with the Red Deer dominating.