Eastern Ore Mountains Natural Park

Eastern Ore Mountains Natural Park includes an area along the state border – from Cínovec to Petrovice and occupies the very northern part of the Ústí nad Labem region. The park was established in 1995, and covers 4000 hectares with an average altitude of 700 m above sea level. Its main  purpose is to maintain the character of the mountain ridges with forest vegetation, mountain and peaty meadows, characteristic flora and fauna.  The whole natural park is divided into several core areas. Mountain meadows near Telnice with an area of 30 ha show beech forests and are situated to the south of Adolfov stretching as far as the ski lifts. Plants are represented by Polygonum aviculare, Cotton Grass, spignel and in rare cases Lilum bulbiferum. The Černá Meadow is situated in the basin of the Černý and Ždírnický Brooks – from Adolfov towards the state border – with an area of 130 ha. Among sedges and rushes we can also find Buckbean. The largest and the most interesting area is Špičák covering as much as 405 ha. It includes Špičák hill (723 m) as well as the surrounding peaty or dry hillside flowery meadows of the basin alluvial plains of the Rybný, Hraniční and Větrovský Brooks. Dry meadows are dominated by Spignel, Arnica and Dianthus. Wet meadows display Globe flower, Aconite, Siberian Iris and Dactylorhysa majlis. On brooks with stony banks dippers build their nests, and the kingfisher has been seen there rarely. The last area is the Mordova Canyon in the basin of the Slatinný Brook, draining into the FRG. The dipper is found here as well, rarely the black stork and stock owl. Flora is represented by Perennial Honesty, Toothwort and Senecio fuchsii.