Canyons and Defiles

Průčelská Canyon – 3 km long deep rocky canyon between Brná and Němčí. The Průčelský Brook runs through the canyon springs near the Němčí hamlet at an altitude of 620 m and joins the River Elbe in Brná. Within a distance of 3 km it passes over a height of 480 m and forms picturesque cascades. Few people know that the dark romanticism of the Průčelská Canyon was perhaps one of the inspiration sources for the  German novelist Karl May.

Čertova jizba – In the east, the Průčelská Canyon turns into a basalt ridge called Čertova jizba (Devil’s Place), a mysterious place where warm  air rises up in winter.

Rytina Defile – 3 km long, pleasant romantic basin along the Rytina Brook with nearly untouched nature. In the upper part of a canyon-like  section the brook forms small cascades and rapids. The defile slopes are covered with mostly deciduous forests with beeches prevailing followed by limes and maples.

Peklo (“Hell”) – A romantic valley with a waterfall between Krásné Březno and Mlýniště.

Mordová Canyon – is a core area of the Eastern Ore Mountains National Park in a forested basin of the Slatina Brook. It is an important biological corridor located in farming countryside. Abundant in Perennial Honesty, Toothwort and Cardaminopsis halleri.