Observation points

Nakléřov (701 m) – A stone lookout tower in the Nakléřovské Saddle and named after Emperor Franz Josef was opened in 1913, later it was re-named after an official of the Mountain Tourist Club, K. Weiss. It collapsed during a winter storm in 1944 and it has never been restored. The   ruins still offer one of the most comprehensive views of the Bohemian Uplands including the Lužické Mountains and the Ore Mountains in the distance.

Vysoký Ostrý (587 m) – The so-called Polabský Rigi is an outstanding basalt cone with a beautiful panoramic view. Depending on the weather you can see the whole Bohemian Uplands, Říp Mountain, Bezděz, Ještěd, Studenec, Růžová, Děčínský Sněžník as well as the Ore Mountains. 450 m below you can admire the giant River Elbe, the route of which can be seen about seven times.

U tří borovic – An outlook above Nová Ves, called „U tří borovic“ (At the three pines”) although two of them have already died. The place offers  a view far into the Bohemian Uplands, part of the Ore Mountains and towards Blansko Castle. The view is particularly impressive at the moment the sun sets behind the Ore Mountains.

Mariánská Rock  - close to the very centre of the city. It rises from the Mariánský Hill (265 m) and descends steeply towards the River Elbe. It  offers a view of the River Elbe valley and the city neighbourhoods on both river banks.

Sedlo (284 m) – a forested hill above the Střekov neighbourhood with a few observation points offering very interesting views of the River Elbe valley, the city and its greater surroundings. Apart from others you can enjoy the view of the River Elbe Hills, Větruše, Střížovický Hill, the  wall of the Ore Mountains, Mariánská Rock and many other  hills.

Vrkoč (267 m) – the reconstructed top platform offers remarkable views of the River Elbe valley and the Střekov Castle, Vysoký Ostrý and the city of Ústí nad Labem.

Alžbětina observation point (449) – an observation point on the Vaňovská Rock,  from where you can see the city of Ústí nad Labem and its beautiful surroundings as if from a bird’s eye view.

Soudný Hill (301 m) – on the salt route between Větruše and Hostovice you can find a few observation points where hikers can enjoy charming views of the city of Ústí nad Labem and its western and  northern surroundings. They can admire the long ridges of the Ore Mountains and a number of peaks of the Bohemian Uplands above the left bank of the River Elbe.

Střížovický Hill (342 m) –  a long forested hill in the triangle between the Ústí n. L., the neighbourhoods of Předlice, Klíše and Všebořice. The plateau offers a few observation points from which  we can  see the biggest part of the city outskirts. For example, not far from the settlement of Střížovice, over 50  towns and villages can be seen in good weather, as well as a panorama of the Bohemian Uplands, the long walls of the Ore Mountains with the Bouřňák Hill, Komáří vížka Hill and the Nakléřovské Saddle.

Krkavčí Rock (445 m) – is the end point of the gaff running westwards towards the massif of Varhošť, from where its steep cliffs descend towards the Tlučeňské valley. There is a breathtaking view of the Tlučeňské valley from here, of the opposite Plešivec and the small village of Tlučeň, nestling at its foothill, and the downward River Elbe with the village of Sebuzín.

Mlynářův Stone – a rock basalt reef with a charming view of the River Elbe valley above the village of Dolní Zálezly. It used to be a medieval  signalling point, on which fires were lit not only to warn of an armed invasion, but also for various feasts and rituals. There is a tall iron cross  rising from pieces of rocks. The built-in memorial plaque displays a German inscription translated into Czech as follows:

Love the beautiful nature
Love its Maker
Love thy  neighbour
as yourself.
(1914 – 1918  in memoriam   to patriotic heroes)  

Quarry above Trmice – from the platform above the quarry there are interesting views of  the Podkrušnohorská Basin and the newly built Lake Milada.

The view of the River Elbe  from Dubice  church –  the terrace at the church provides a wonderful view of the River Elbe valley, and the Deblík, Varhošť, Kamýk, Plešivec and Radobýl hills opposite. Unique views can be enjoyed particularly in the spring, when thousands of fruit trees are in blossom on the surrounding slopes.

Doerell´s observation point (365 m) – to the south, near the view of the River Elbe, named after the famous Ústí n. L. Romanticism painter who unforgettably documented a large part of the Bohemian Uplands  in his paintings. It offers lovely southern views of Porta Bohemica, the River Elbe valley and the surrounding hills.

Písečný Hill – the path leading not far from the hill gives an impressive view of the countryside, dominated by the two massive hills of Milešovka and Kletečná.

Frič´s observation point (273 m) – an observation platform above the Ústí n. L. neighbourhood of Krásné Březno offers good views of individual parts of the city (Krásné Březno, Svádov, Budov, Olšinky, Střekov), the River Elbe meadows, Mariánská Rock, and Rovný Hill above Trmice.

Blansko (545 m) – on the remains of the medieval castle a platform was built from the former castle tower. It provides a panoramic view of Děčínský Sněžník in the  north. Of  the River Elbe sandstones seen from here the Růžovský Hill stands out from others, then the Studenec, Jedlová and  Klíč hills of the Lužické Mountains. Buková Hill, Sedlo. Vysoký Ostrý, Milešovka and Bořeň are famous hills standing out from the Uplands. To the far west we can see the Stropník and Bouřňák hills in the Ore Mountains.

Kozí Peak (380 m) – is a dominant rocky hill with a conical shape descending towards the south-east in the form of a rocky wall towards the River Elbe. The summit offers extensive views of the River Elbe valley and the Bohemian Uplands, apart from others, we can see the Dlouhý Hill, Vysoký Ostrý, Milešovka, Doubravská Mountain, and Blansko, Radešín in the opposite direction and the Ore Mountains behind them. 

Bradlo (452 m) – a romantic observation rock above the municipality of Povrly, offers unique views of the deeply cut valley below and the Lužecký Brook and its tributary, as well as the Javorský Hill, etc.

Zámecký Hill (510 m) – inconspicuous, un-forested hill from its eastern part above the Chuderovec hamlet, which has remarkable views of the River Elbe valley and the Střekov Castle and many peaks of the Bohemian Uplands, from Magnetovec above Velké Březno across Levínské Sedlo, Panna, Kukla, Vysoký Ostrý up to Kletečná and Milešovka.

Radešín (550 m) – forested trachyte hill above the municipality of Chuderov, with a path running along its circumference and three observation posts. You can see the surrounding countryside with the Bohemian Uplands, Elbe Sandstone Rocks and the Ore Mountains.

Špičák (723 m) – this is the northernmost peak of the Ore Mountains, which has a panoramic view of both sides of the state border.

Javorský Hill (617 m) – this is a flat, grassy peak situated on  the border of the Děčín and Ústí n. L. regions between the Jílové and Dobkovice municipalities. It offers a unique panoramic view of Děčínský Sněžník, the mesa in Germany, and across the Lužické Mountains and parts of the Ore Mountains you can see  the Bohemian Uplands behind them.