Bohemian Uplands

Bohemian Uplands is one of the most characterful areas in the Czech Republic. The mountain ridges, showing enormous articulation and rather differentiated heights, were mostly formed by volcanic activity. A few extinct volcanoes are also found in other places in Bohemia and Moravia; however, these are isolated formations representing a relatively small area, whereas the Bohemian Uplands can boast hundreds of them. The slopes of the BohemianUplands rise steeply to reach a reasonable height  almost from the banks of the River Elbe and their typicalconical shapes create a skyline which is unmistakable in the Czech countryside. The Bohemian Uplands are usually subdivided into more parts, in the Ústí nad Labem region there are the Litoměřice Uplands (the whole  right side of the River Elbe and the left side of the River Elbe as far as Ústí n. L. and the River Bílina), the Teplice Uplands (with only three hills: Hradiště near Habří – 314 m, Jedovina – 339 m and Rovný – 377 m, on the left bank of the River Bílina) and finally, the Ústí nad Labem Uplands (left bank of the River Elbe from Ústí n. L. stretching as far as Podmokly).

Individual  parts  have  the following  important  hills:

Ústí nad Labem Uplands

The highest  point in the Ústí n.L. region is not far from  the Slavošov-Javory road (approximately 560 m). In terms of hills standing out from others in the Ústí n.L. region, Radešín (550 m)  is the highest, followed by the following with heights exceeding 500 m as well: Blansko, Farský Hill, Chvojenec, Liščí Hill, Pastvina, Strážiště, Vysoký Háj, and Zámecký vrch – all of them have moderately descending slopes unlike most of the hills in the Litoměřice Uplands. Looking from the River Elbe tourists can enjoy a view of the following remarkable hills: Mariánská Rock (265 m) in Ústí n. L., Kozí peak (380 m) near Mojžíř and Bradlo (452 m) near Povrly.

Litoměřice Uplands 

Situated on the left bank of the River Elbe, the peaks exceeding 500 m are those of Hlava and Vaňovský Hill. The right river bank displays the dominant Kukla Hill (674 m). Other peaks exceeding 600 m are, for example, Modřín and Trpasličí kameny. The area is very popular with tourists, who can enjoy many deep terrain cuts formed and shaped by only tiny and occasional watercourses these days – e.g. the basin along the Tlučeňský Brook, the Rytina pass, Průčelská Canyon, Černá Canyon and the basins of Olešnický, Homolský and Lužecký Brooks.

Teplice Uplands 

There are only three hills: Hradiště near Habří – 314 m, Jedovina – 339 m and Rovný – 377 m, on the left bank of the River Bílina.