Berta Valley

Within just a few minutes´walk from the city centre, or the Stříbrníky housing estate, visitors are pleasantly surprised by the romantic tint of the Bertha Valley. The venue where one allegedly a silver mine used to attract adventurers, nowadays breaths with rave verdure stretching on the surrounding rocky precipices. Still in the Austria-Hungary era, Lady Bertha Schaffner, the spouse of a manufacturer and owner of the local chemical enterprise, had the area reconditioned at her expenses. So, that great place had become the Ústí promenade, with benches, gazebos, rest points, a waterfall emerging - along with a dense network of hogging paths nowadays hardly visible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, the valley along the Stříbrnický brook has maintained up to the present its interesting natural-like spirit where - from slopes heavily grown with trees and shrubs - tuff emerges. This walk below the canopy of tall trees is 800 m long. Its 9 stops are devoted to botany, zoology, ecology, geology and history. The interesting natural scenery contrasts  with the fact that you are in the centre of the city close to an important transport road.