Below Vysoký Ostrý

Let´s set out to explore the fauna, flora, plus a myriad of attractions available in the surroundings of Ústí. In doing so, your trip will be greatly facilitated by the nature trail featuring no less than 16 information plates. The first is placed in Brná, close to St. Anne´s chapel. Before commencing the ascend through the rocky Průčelská glen, why not have a halt at the Srdíčko restaurant. It namely was there that, in late 19th century, Karel May, the renowned writer, would come to stay on holiday. Then the nature trail will navigate you under the Malý Ostrý hill, to the Elbe vista, and onto the peak of Vysoký Ostrý (of heavy magnetic tephrit), whence you can admire the silent beauty of the ambient afforested hills. The sights worth seeing will include Buková hora, Varhošť, Milešovka, Lovoš, Říp, Bezděz, Ještěd, Sněžník, and part of the Ore Mountains. Then you can proceed along the nature trail - via Nová Ves - as far as the parking lot below the Střekov Castle. The path is 8.5 km long and is for hikers. It begins in Brná, 200 m a.s.l., climbs up through the Průčelská Canyon passing a waterfall and rocks below the Výří Rocks. The highest point of the path is the Vysoký Ostrý hill (587 m a.s.l.).