Zoological garden


ZOO Ústí nad Labem is open throughout the year
Summer (April 1 – October 31) 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Winter (November 1 – March 31) 9 a.m. - 16 p.m.


You get to the ZOO from the center by bus or trolley bus (bus central station or railway central station). The ZOO has two entrance points – the main entrance in Drazdanska Street or an upper gate in Vystupni Street.   Visitors that come by car may park in front of the main entrance or, in summer, on the parking place near the upper gate.


Throughout the year two fast food shops are open in the lower part of the ZOO near the main entrance.  In summer, restaurant Koliba in the upper part of the ZOO is open as well as a shop next to the pavilion of exotarium where souvenirs can be bought.


Children like the ”Children’s' World“ (laminated animal figures and a complex of toboggans), ”Children’s' ZOO" (a place to meet selected species of domesticated animals) and ”Dinosaur nature trail” (wooden and plastic models of prehistoric animals).


The zoological garden keeps not only rare exotic animals and this is its main goal today – breeding of endangered animal species and their reproduction and preservation.  But we should of course not forger the visitors as the ZOO has not only a scientific role but also an educational and relaxation one.  Every zoological garden makes its best to attract as many children and adults as possible by intro-ducing them to the diversity of nature and by explaining them the irreplaceable function of zoological gardens.

Besides an ordinary visit Usti ZOO has offered an additional value to its visitors for the last several years.  The ZOO takes advantage of the natural abilities of animals in  public shows some of which take place throughout the year and some in the summer season.  In any case we hope you will find your favorite event in the rich program the animals have prepared for you.

!!! NOTE! Under unfavorable weather conditions (frost, rain, etc.) or for technical reasons (pool cleaning, repairs, etc.) events may be cancelled!!!


seal exercise - daily
elephant walk around the ZOO – daily
elephant exercise – daily
pelican feeding – daily
exotarium feeding – daily
honey tree for sun bears – Saturday + Sunday + holidays
flighting of birds of prey – Tuesday – Sunday + holidays
pony riding – Saturday + Sunday

seal exercise – daily
elephant walk around the ZOO – daily
elephant exercise – daily