Youth Center

Free time facilities for children and young people

Director: PaedDr. Marie Majtínková

The Youth Center is a school facility offering free time activities for children and young people.  The facility is also open for children with parents and for the public.  Activities take place in four buildings:
Main building in Churchill Street 8 for several hobby groups : ceramics, drama, pre-school education, technical activities, natural science, ecology.

Other locations:
Krásné Březno: dancing school MIX
Vaňov: young tourists center – water tourism and hiking
Bukov: youth stadium

Children are supervised by 12 pedagogical assistants and a group of external collaborators (110 – 120 persons) including parents and other people.

Capacity: N/A

Target group: children and young people from 2,5 to 26 years of age

Services offered:
Daily facility providing educational and training services by means of hobby groups of children and young people.

Regular activities:
hobby groups, clubs, ensembles on week days for  children and parents

Occasional activities:
events on weekends, week days, holidays, summer holidays, summer youth camps

Ad hoc activities:
exhibition, consultation, trips, pedagogical practice of student etc.

The Youth Center organizes competitions on the local, district, regional and national level and participates in competitions of others organizers.

Contact: PaedDr. Marie Majtínková


W. Churchilla 8
400 01 Ústí nad Labem


+420 475 210 861
+420 475 209 223


+420 475 209 922