Catalog of social and healthcare services in the region of Usti nad Labem

The catalog includes seven areas of social support:

  • care of senior citizens
  • care of mental sanity (includes mentally ill patients, mentally disabled and drug addicts
  • care of the disabled
  • care of children and the young people
  • care of ethnic minorities
  • care of poorly adaptable citizens

All areas of social support except the care of persons in temporary social crisis and poorly adaptable citizens are coordinated by special groups.  Their work consists of the coordination of social services in the given area and the prepa-ration of expert materials for the work of the Social Committee of the city of Usti nad Labe.  The Social Committee is the guarantor of the social sphere in Usti nad Labem and recommends to the City Council further measures for approval to develop the social sphere and to maintain the quality of services provided.

Besides addresses and an overview of services in all areas the catalog contains the directories of

  • state administration bodies – e.g. Labor Office, School Education Office etc.
  • self-government – community offices in towns and villages of the Usti nad Labem district
  • insurance companies and basic health care institutions, psychologist and psychiatrist offices where help can be sought .

First aid phone numbers:

Fire department
Rescue service
City Police

Hot line
Masaryk hospital
AIDS consultation office
Drug consultation office


+420 475 600 789
+420 475 681 111
+420 472 773 560
+420 475 210 626