Nature and Environs

Natural Beauties

Usti is conveniently situated in the Elbe valley in the area of Czech Highland and in its close neighborhood many natural beauties can be found.  Forty percent of the city area is situated on the territory of natural preserves Czech Highland and Elbe Sandstones and on the territory of the Natural Park Eastern Erzgebirge are in its neighborhood.

Natural monument Vrkoc, the most important natural beauty in the city.

Vrkoc is a 250 m high volcanic neck of basalt with a well-developed columniform separation of the rock.  The formation is similar to queued hair (vrkoc in Czech).  Near Vrkoc is a 12 m waterfall on the Podlesinsky brook, the highest in the Czech Highland. (Access from Vanov on a marked tourist path)

There are two small area preserves on the territory of the city:
Sluneční stráň 400 m above sea level – location of thermophilic flora species
Kozí vrch – 340 m above sea level – geological and botanical beauties. (Access from Mojzir or Nestedice on a marked tourist path)

The city has two important landscape elements:
Mariánská skála
– dominant formation in the city, 265 m clinkstone massive.  Especially attractive in spring when covered with flowers of madwort. 
Spring area in the Na louži Street – protected species.

Other sites of interest:

Budovský waterfall – 9 m waterfall in the romantic ravine Vlčí rokle, on a basalt wall (Access from Budov on a marked tourist path).

Waterfall on Kojetický potok near Olšinky is half-artificial and half-natural.  It is a pleasant termination of the attractive and romantic valley of Kojeticný potok.  The valley has a ravine character with basalt rocks with columniform separation.

The waterfall on Pekelský potok – the brook in the Peklo pass near Mlýniště forms an 8 m waterfall (access from the housing estate Krásné Březno)

Nature trail Pod Vysokým Ostrým from Brné through Průčelská rokle, around Malý Ostrý and Vysoký Ostrý to Nová ves ending at Střekov castle.  The path runs in a valuable territory and points out all objects of interest that can be seen during a trip.

Vysoký Ostrý 587 m above sea level – a distinct woody basalt cone with a viewing platform on the top and a panorama description.

Průčelská rokle – 150-580 m above sea level – rocky and woody ravine of the Průčelský potok (brook) with interesting flora.  Waterfall in the detritus of Výří skály (rocks).

Vaňovské skály – with the most popular Panenská skála, Milenci and Josefínka – rocks are accessible for physically fit tourists by a marked tourist path.

Bertino údolí (valley) – from Důlce to Skřivánek, along the brook, is a very attractive woody valley with the remains of silver mine galleries.  Unfortunately, not maintained, dilapidated.

Erben's view point – 420 m above sea level – an elevation over Dobětice with a stone watchtower built in 1993.