City Environs

Attractive Sites in the Environs

Blansko Castle
Ruins on a basalt hill
(540 m n.m.). The original castle was built at the end of the 14th century, later reconstructed and since the end of the 16th century a prison.  Deserted since the 17th century.

Chateau Velke Brezno
The chateau is situated on the border of the community in a mild slope.  It was built created as a villa in the Empire style (count s Chotek) and in 1900 reconstructed in the current neo-Renaissance style.  The chateau is encompassed by an English park with 130 valuable tree and plant species.

Museum of Vernacular Architecture in Zubrnice
The creation of the Museum of Vernacular Architecture (open air museum) in Zubrnice was motivated by the effort to preserve buildings and equipment documenting the rural way of life and the living conditions in Czech Highland.

The Rock City in Tisa
The rock city in the Tisa village is the remains of a large sandstone table (Cretaceous formation) in which rock towers and formations took up different shapes.  The rocks hide a tourist chalet and training climbing walls.

National monument of Przemysl the Ploughman from 1841 built from the initiative of count Ervin Nostitz-Rhieneck.  King's fountain in the neighborhood.

Napoleonic Battle Fields in the Area of Chlumec and Prestanov
In the environs of Chlumec, Prestanov, Stradov Zandov and Telnice the biggest battle of the Napoleonic wars on the Czech territory raged in 1813.  On August
29 - 30, 1813 the battle of Prestanov and Chlumec took place followed by a series of local skirmish that culminated on September 16-17, 1813 in another battle of Varvazov.
The battle is commemorated by several monuments: anniversary memorial (at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the battle), Prussian memorial (unveiled on September 18, 1817), Austrian memorial (built in honor of the Austrian general Colloredo-Mansfeld) and a monumental Russian memorial with the sculpture of Nike on top; constructed in 1835-1837 according to the design of Pietro Nobile.